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Vacation and Community Photos

Levels 1,2 & 3 celebrated the last day of swim lessons at Pine Bluffs beach with games led by the lifeguard/instructors. The first game involved keeping the Stow Independent out of the water when swimming to the lifeguard and back! It ended up a little soggy but still had some dry spots! Photo submitted by Leah Bruosta and son, Bobby.


Andy Snow recently returned from a walking vacation in the Cotswolds, England. Andy wrote, “We took one day to visit this small village – Stow-on-the-Wold. It was quite lovely.”


SAPN (Stow Area Parents Network) knows how to stay cool during a heat wave with its annual Ice Cream Social at Pine Bluff! From left to right: Susan Cote, Eve Cote, Abby Piedmonte, Anthony Talora, Hannah Talora, David Gallacher, Wesley Wood, Maya Manger, Gabe Manger, Bella Spear, Bobby Bruosta, Scarlett Eckel, Daphne Eckel, Hannah Quievryn, Alison Mortimer, Sean Connor, Rose Gorham, Lina Gorham, Jael Gorham, Alice Gorham, front: John Mortimer, Sarah Mortimer, Kyle Mortimer