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The Independent Clause

Now that Columbus Day weekend has passed, the holidays are next on the agenda. We’re already seeing bits and pieces here in the paper and certain Big Box stores have had their Christmas merchandise out for several weeks now. Good grief do I hate that. The “season” isn’t now, weeks before Halloween candy has been distributed. And can we give a slight pause for Thanksgiving? Sheesh. “Toll the Christmas bells quick before we lose a sale!” Yes, that’s JUST what the season should be all about. Don’t get me started… oh wait, too late, I already did.

Well another “season” that is fast approaching is Special Town Meeting season. In next week’s issue we will distribute the Town Meeting Warrant to the entire town. We will have accompanying text to help explain the warrant articles and additional information to help voters prepare for the meeting.

In this week’s issue, we get a jump on one of the Town Meeting articles- that related to Medical Marijuana dispensaries which have been legalized in the state. The town will be asked to vote on whether to institute a one-year moratorium on any requests to locate a dispensary in Stow in order to allow the town to develop bylaws and local regulations. More on the details of the subject on page 1.

As I mentioned last week, I took some time off this past weekend and despite chilly temps at night, had an excellent, relaxing weekend. We went camping in Central NH and were able to wake up in the woods on a lake looking at (small) mountains, stop at a dirt bike race on a capped landfill on our way to have a seafood lunch at the ocean, and end the night with a campfire and fireworks. What more could I ask for (other than a few more days of the same…)?

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor, [email protected]

One of the views from the shore near our campsite.