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The Independent Clause

Well, I think I can safely say at this point that it looks like Halloween will be a go this year, on time and on schedule, with no blizzards or hurricanes blowing out the jack-o-lantern lights. It even looks like the temperature will be on the mild side as the Trick or Treaters head out. Of course, this being New England, I could be totally wrong.

Halloween Trick or Treat hours and safety tips from the Stow Police Department can be found on page 5.

And with the ever-extending Daylight Saving Time hours not expiring until this weekend, there should still be some daylight for the kids heading out at the earlier times.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour Saturday night/Sunday morning.

The Special Fall Town Meeting went off without a hitch and was one of the shorter town meetings in recent years. Attendance was low, possibly due to a short list of warrant articles and no big money or controversial items on the agenda… or possibly due to the meeting coinciding with the Red Sox World Series game? The Sox, of course, bring it home to Fenway Wednesday night for Game 6 and the chance to wrap up the series with a victory at home. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

The Chieftains wrapped up their own victories this past week, with the Cross Country teams both taking the Mid-Wach B League titles. And the football team brought in a victory on their home turf against Fitchburg. Teams are now moving into post-season games and meets. And of course, Ellen Oliver will be all over it…

Our newest correspondent, Rob Kean, had an opportunity to meet and greet a number of people over the weekend as he and photographer Jonathan Daisy made the rounds of a number of events in Stow. From shots to shih tzus, Rob takes us on a narrated tour around town.

At my home in Lunenburg, where Tuesday morning temps were said to be the lowest in the state, we experienced one sure sign of the dropping temps. As Tim was about to get in the shower before work, a mouse ran out from under the towel rack straight into his foot, bouncing off his ankle and making a quick exit towards the kitchen. I’m not sure who had the fancier footwork – the mouse or Tim. He called it his “snake dance.” And he’s still not convinced we need a cat. Or two.

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor, [email protected]