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In This Week’s Print Edition… February 26, 2014

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Along with the articles featured on our website, you will find the following in this week’s print edition:

Putting Pompo to Use for Less $

Once considered a candidate for the wrecking ball, Pompo School appears to now be the Town’s Golden Child.  The former school is poised to save taxpayers millions of dollars if they choose that location to cite a new fire station, rather than build a brand new building at another site, according to Town Administrator Bill Wrigley…

The Passing of Stow’s Oldest Citizen

Six yearW Dr Brown2s ago, the Stow Historical Commission nominated Donald Brown to receive the Boston Post Cane, an honor given to the town’s oldest citizen. In its formal request to the Board of Selectmen, the Commission urged at the time, “Since Don has recently suffered a heart attack, we would encourage the Selectmen to act on this expeditiously.” It turns out there was no rush…

The King of Pop

It’s a life based on stuff. Stuff that most of us have tossed away. Stuff that mothers put into yard sales. Stuff that these days might bring a pretty penny if still tucked away into a forgotten corner of the house.  At least, that’s what Gary Sohmers believes…

Homeless in the Suburbs

It’s hard for some to imagine that homelessness exists in a community like Stow, where neighborhoods and homes of all sizes seem plentiful; where taxpayers have funded a brand new elementary school; and most children enjoy a multitude of activities and recreational programs within the town…

Going Down the Rabbit Hole at Hale

On March 7, when the curtain goes up on Hale Middle School’s “Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Jr.”, the curtain also closes on the two directors of Hale’s musical productions for the past few years…

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