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The Independent Clause.. March 12, 2014

March 12, 2014

With Town Meeting and Town Election on their way in less than 2 months, things are gearing up with budget talks and candidates. Below is a list of the current positions that are up for election this May. Next to the position(s) are the names of those Stow residents that have taken out nomination papers. While there are no contested races as of yet, there are two seats with no candidates currently in the running.

At press time, no one had taken out papers for the Nashoba Regional School Committee seat, currently held by Jeff Odell, and the Board of Assessors seat, currently held by Jack Smith. Residents who are registered voters in Stow can pick up nomination papers for any of the open positions at the Town Clerk’s office by March 21.

Congratulations to the Nashoba Girls Varsity Basketball team on their Division Championship win. While they lost Tuesday night’s State semi-final match in Springfield, they had an incredible season.

It looks like the Stow Community Park skating rink will finally be closing for the season after a very successful winter of use. That means that winter is over and spring has begun. Did you hear that Mother Nature?

See our latest puzzle feature on page 9! Thanks to reader Ralph Valentino.

Here at home in Lunenburg, I have been witness to a season-long battle: Man vs. Squirrel. There is a particularly robust squirrel that is determined to get at a new feeder we put up this year. Tim has since been devising and designing new ways each week or so to thwart the squirrel’s so-far-successful acrobatic acts. Just this morning, Tim switched up this and lengthened that, with fishing line and bungee cords flying. “That has to have done it,” he sighed. “I mean I MUST be smarter than a squirrel, right?” I thought it best to let the squirrel answer that.

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