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The Independent Clause…March 19, 2014

Our sympathies to the family of longtime resident Ralph Bernklow, father of Selectmen Gary Bernklow, who passed away last week. Mr. Bernklow was involved in many youth activities in town and will be fondly remembered by many.

It certainly was “one of those weeks” as I watched the story plans for both papers crash and burn all around me through a series of one-time occurences that all happened to occur in the same timeframe. One, a pure misunderstanding, and discovered by a stroke of luck well before deadline, thankfully. Another, thwarted by an impending medical procedure. There was another  family issue that needed tending. And finally, an ER trip for an interviewee with a potentially serious problem. Every instance was legitimate, and I was and am certainly sympathetic to all. That’s just the way it goes sometimes. If nothing else, I carry a Plan B (C,D,E…) up my sleeve and, so far, there are no blank pages being published. I consider that a win. My undying devotion and thanks to several of the writers who stepped up and helped fill in the blanks.

Congratulations to the Central Mass Spartans basketball team on their second State Championship win in the Mass. Special Olympics Winter Games. A great accomplishment for a well-deserving team of young men.

You may notice a few changes in the looks of the paper over the last few weeks. We’re slowly updating and doing a little redesigning to keep things  fresh. Several times I’ve found myself having to ask, “Does this font make my typeface look fat?”

Thanks again to Stow resident Ralph Valentino for the Sudoku puzzles. There are two more different levels in this week. Ralph mentioned that I hadn’t printed the solutions. I hadn’t seen them on the second page of the file, but hadn’t really felt them “missing.” I will leave it up to public demand. Do you want solutions printed in the same issue? The next week? Not at all?

Well, for all those who have been on the edge of your seats all week wondering about the Squirrel War raging in Lunenburg, it looks as though the question has been answered. Tim IS, in fact, smarter than a squirrel and so far victorious in the battle. I know many of you will now sleep better at night, as will I.
Cyndy Bremer, managing editor; [email protected]