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The Independent Clause… March 26, 2014

I don’t know if there’s something in the air? In the water? Maybe the moon is full and Mercury is in retrograde. (Anyone else remember the Cosmic Muffin on Boston’s WBCN radio back in the dark ages?)

The strangest things have happened this past week and have made it a very intense time to be in this business. Sometimes things pan out, sometimes they don’t. And sometimes you receive a photo of a deer skeleton hanging in a tree… Yep, a very strange week indeed.

Congratulations to Coby Horowitz on becoming a National Champion in the mile run. Coby has nearly beaten the 4minute mile and has had an incredible college running career. Rob Kean puts it all together in a very well written story that will appeal to more than just sports fans.

It looks like there may be at least one contested race in the upcoming May elections. Arthur Jurczyk and Nicole Odekirk have both returned nomination papers  for the one open seat on the NRSD School Committee. All nomination papers were due back to the Town Clerk’s office on Tuesday, and Town Clerk Linda Hathaway must now certified all the signatures before finalizing the ballot. There is still an opening on the Board of Assessors and any registered voter can conduct a write-in campaign for any of the positions on the ballot.

Thankfully, the big snow is missing us for the most part this time, at least that’s what I’ve heard. If I wake up on Wednesday to a foot of snow, the pages of the paper may be blank next week as I leave them flapping in the breeze of my accelerated exit to Costa Rica or some such warm and snowless place. Enough already!
Cyndy Bremer, managing editor; [email protected]