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The Independent Clause…Sept. 23, 2015

It seems Stow has lost more than its share of longtime residents and town volunteers recently. This week, we sadly announce the passing of former Police Chief Gene Dwinnells, along with the loss of Christine Way, who volunteered her time on multiple town committees, in the community and in the schools. Their service to the town will be remembered.

We have a variety of stories this week, including the apple-picking traffic plan. With Columbus Day approaching quickly and the weather turning cooler, the plan is likely to be put to good use in the upcoming weekends.

I work from home, which can be a blessing and a curse. While it makes it difficult to separate your work time from personal time, I can also get routine things done around the house as I take a quick break here and there. But when I do, I’m often still mentally creating the paper so I’m not really focused on the task at hand.

When I went to make dinner tonight, I realized the sink strainer basket was missing. I looked all over the place, including the dishwasher and the trash, but there was no sign of it. When I thought about the last time I knew it was there, I remembered taking it out of the sink because the drain was running slow. I ended up using the plunger, which worked, but where did I put the strainer?

I grabbed the plunger, turned it over  and there was the basket, stuck to the inside of it. How does that even happen? Had I plunged the sink with the strainer in???  Whatever I had done had worked, so I decided to declare it just one of life’s little mysteries and move on with my evening, but with the added task of bleaching the heck out of the sink strainer.

Cyndy Bremer, publisher/editor/production
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