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The Independent Clause…Sept. 30, 2015

With apple picking time nearing its peak, the Stow orchards and farmstands have been very busy places, and the Stow roads have had their share of ‘busy’ as well. This is an important time for Stow’s agricultural community and I hope you will get out there and support these businesses that help keep the rural feel of Stow intact. You just may want to avoid a sunny Sunday afternoon to show your support…
One of the orchard owners is featured in this week’s edition. Nancy tells the story of Chuck Lord and his family, owners of Carver Hill Orchard, who relied on their faith and community to see him through a long recovery process after a near-fatal accident last fall.

The Nashoba Field Hockey team is once again dominating their season, with seven wins and one tie so far. Sportswriter Mike LeClair looks at the unusual game, or partial game in this case, that he covered this week.

Welcome to the Center School’s new assistant Principal. Ann Needle introduces  the adventurous Karen Cronin this week.

Baking time has hit me. I couldn’t hold out any longer, especially after my daughter shared some apples she’d been given. Looking for something different, I found an apple bread recipe, embellished it a bit and filled the kitchen with great baking smells. Two days later, both loaves were gone. I guess it came out pretty good.

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