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The Independent Clause…. Feb. 10, 2016

We are quickly moving into budget season as the town prepares for Annual Town Meeting and Election in May. We will keep up with the latest budget news from the town and schools.

Over the weekend, I had to deal with an internet connection issue that left me scrambling for time after unexpectedly spending nearly two hours with tech support. I finally headed out the door, dropped off my son and went to the store. I got out of the car, started manually locking the doors, got to the final one and promptly locked my jacket in the back door. I was trapped. And in a public parking lot. With my jacket still on and still stuck, I tried to inconspicuously unlock the front door and reach around in to unlock the back. If I had orangutan arms this would have been a great idea.  Instead, I had to remove my jacket, leaving it hanging in the door for all to see while I finally extricated it. Maybe I’ll be an orangutan in my next life. Then I won’t need a stupid jacket.

Cyndy Bremer, publisher/editor/production
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