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The Independent Clause…May 18, 2016

Well, this should be an interesting paper. In the middle of Tuesday afternoon, Windows 10 randomly started downloading onto my computer. Shutting down my access to my computer and changing the entire operating system. While I was working. In the middle of my craziest deadline day. I had no choice but to let it downlaod, rather than trying to stop it, fearing I would end up with a completely unusable computer. So, I let it go, taking up valuable time I didn’t have to spare. And I hate the results. Right now, even though I’m typing in “black” type, I’m seeing “blue” type. All of the colors are off and I have no idea, nor time to find out, how to fix that. So, if you see some funky colors or something that just doesn’t look right, I will apologize in advance for anything weird or missing or extra or whatever. And we can all thank Microsoft in the meantime. I’ve also lost many of my settings in other programs, passwords, all sorts of things. Welcome to hell, Cyndy. It must be Tuesday. Again.

Cyndy Bremer, owner/editor
[email protected]