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In this week’s Print Edition…Sept. 28, 2016

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Along with the articles featured on our website, you will find the following in this week’s print edition:

Selectmen Tackle Drought and Traffic

In a town without a municipal water supply, the worsening drought can have serious implications for those who gather their water from private wells…

Fall Weather Brings Orchard Traffic

September is National Apple Month and, in this area, that means that Stow is the weekend destination of thousands of apple picking day trippers…

Officials Reach out to Stow Orchards

During what local farmers and orchardists are calling one of the worst growing seasons in the past several years, state officials and agricultural support groups visited  Stow on Monday to hear about the difficulties facing local fruit growers and offer their assistance…

A New ‘Pompo’ Is Rocking Stow

As the building faces the big transformation to a community center this month, the former Pompositticut School lives on, thanks to an up-and-coming band of its former students. Sean Busch, Tim James, Steve Nisotel, and Oren Shapira, all Pompo alumnus, are currently rocking the Boston club scene with their Pompo Siticut Band, and eager to share the fun with their hometown…

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