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XHale and relax in Stow

Nicole Calvert (left) and Jennifer Speredelozzi in the entryway of their new Gleasondale Rd. business Xhale Massage + Relaxation.

Natasha Don photo

Published in The Stow and Bolton Independent on Dec. 12, 2018

By Natasha Don:
Area residents can get excited to get relaxed with the recent opening of Xhale Massage & Relaxation. The new establishment on Gleasondale Rd. boasts various types of massage and yoga, along with other therapeutic treatments and classes.

First-time business owners Jennifer Speredelozzi and Nicole Calvert seek to provide the community with opportunities for self-care through yoga classes and massage therapy, and they hope to educate potential clients as well. Speredelozzi describes Xhale as “a fun, relaxed, laid back approach to wellness. It’s accessible for everyone. I hope people will come to try something new. That’s my personal mantra.”

Xhale is fully equipped with a yoga studio, massage rooms, and open relaxation space. Speredelozzi says, “It’s such a warm sunny space, we just had to open it up a bit and breathe some life back into it.”

The entryway is also adorned with gift items for sale, handcrafted by local artists and providers. Speredelozzi explains that even the art on the walls is the work of a local artist originally from Costa Rica. They plan to rotate the art on display with the work of others in the area. Featuring the work of local residents or small business owners is a supplement to Calvert and Speredelozzi’s overall goal of connecting with people in the community.
The services offered at Xhale can be individual or group-based, educational or therapeutic, depending upon the needs of the individual.

For those interested in yoga, classes are offered six days a week and are curated by five yoga instructors who all come from different backgrounds and experience with different yoga styles.

Currently on the schedule are Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Flow, and Restorative yoga – with plans in progress to expand class options, including more specialized selections. Speredelozzi said, “Right now we’re working with some of our employees who are interested in working with children. We’re hoping to provide yoga classes for kids and young adults with autism.”

Calvert and Speredelozzi say that the goal for growth and expansion is at the forefront right now. With a large building and yard in what was most recently the home of the Steppingstones Preschool, they are open to connecting with other businesses or community members to maximize the space. “Down the road since we have that extra space downstairs and in the backyard too, we’ll be able to provide other types of services,” said Speredelozzi. “We’re feeling out what people are looking for, and finding out what direction to take the space in.”

The options for massage are also varied and geared to individual needs. Licensed massage therapist Nicole Calvert provides all treatments. For Calvert, the benefits of massage are just as rewarding for her as for her clients. “Mainly it’s relaxation and human connection. I just really like to know that I’m helping people to be calm and feel better.” Speredelozzi speaks highly of Calvert’s technique: “It’s a great experience; she’s an outstanding massage therapist and that’s really the whole reason we decided to start this business.”

Patrons are given the opportunity to customize their massage if desired. “When someone comes in, I ask them what they’re here for, whether they’re looking to get away and relax or if it’s because of an injury or some kind of long-term problem. I find it really critical to ask them what they’re looking for and make sure they know everything we have to offer,” Calvert explained.

Hot stone massage, Himalayan pink salt rock treatment, and non-intoxicating CBD oil infusion are all options available for massage modification.

One treatment Calvert highlights is a massage using the Myofascial technique, which is described on their website as seeking to “release the tension that exists in the deep connective fascia tissue.” Relaxation is not the main goal of this massage, Calvert explained, as it is more of a physical therapy for the muscles. “It’s not a traditional oil or lotion massage,” said Calvert. “It’s done dry and it gets deep into the connective tissue, so it’s very healing. The effects last much longer than a regular massage, and it feels so good.”

Speredelozzi and Calvert understand that not every treatment or class will be right for every client. They seek to provide diverse offerings. “We want to be custom and prescriptive and giving the right massage for people’s needs,” said Speredelozzi. One example of this is the Signature Sip & Soak, which is a footbath and massage for two, while enjoying their beverage of choice. “Not everyone is ready for a full body massage,” says Speredelozzi, “so the Sip and Soak is perfect for people looking to relax maybe with someone else, a friend or a loved one.”

Calvert and Speredelozzi say that the opening of Xhale has been positive and encouraging. “People in Stow have been highly interested and supportive, and it’s been great to reach out and get to know the community,” said Calvert.

The two new owners hope that Xhale will provide support for mental health as well as physical, and they aim to make a positive contribution to the community. “We’re doing our part to save the planet, one downward dog at a time,” Speredelozzi said with a laugh.

The Xhale yoga studio space.
Natasha Don photo