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The Independent Clause

With town officials preparing to provide paper ballots at the upcoming October 29 Town Meeting, it is hoped that more voters will come out to have their say. As procedures are finalized and information is released, we will continue to keep readers updated on what to expect.

We knew last year, watching Nashoba football, that the team had a great chance of having another banner year. They certainly haven’t disappointed, with an undefeated record to date, strong defense and offense, and the legs of John Ojukwu. With a smooth, strong stride and a great ability to put his feet right where they need to be, it’s not surprising to read he made five touchdowns in last week’s game. We’re looking forward to the rest of the season.

With Columbus Day weekend coming up, there is plenty of activity in town, and with that activity, comes traffic. It seems the Stow public safety officials have made a forward-thinking plan to try to at least reduce the impact on Stow’s roads and the people travelling them.

You know, you reach a certain age and you feel fairly confident that you can handle yourself in most social situations. And then sometimes, that confidence fades as fast as blue jeans in a bleach bath.

Last week, my son had a friend over and the friend’s dad came to pick him up. He was patting my dog, Pikku, while we chatted and I noticed him start to rub his shoe on the driveway. After a few more minutes of awkward shoe rubbing, I kind of looked at him and he blurted out, “Your dog just peed on my shoe.”  I was totally and completely horrified. “WHAT???? Um, uh, oh my goodness, I’m so sorry, I, um, uh…PIKKU NO…. Oh my head…” I was socially paralyzed. What exactly is the appropriate response when your dog lifts his leg on someone’s shoe? He has never done anything like that before! The dad is thankfully a good sport, I have known him a long time and he laughed. But, I have a feeling the next time he comes over, he’ll be wearing rubber boots.

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor; [email protected]