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We have a lot to offer this week, with the Stow Town Warrant enclosed in this week’s print issue, along with the COA Newsletter and flyers from the Stow Food Pantry, the Community Center Building Committee and Troop1 Stow Boy Scouts. It’s hard to believe that the Boy Scout Wreath Sale is about to start! But, then again, Wal-Mart already has their Christmas stuff out and they don’t have a need to order ahead like the Boy Scouts do!

And there is plenty of content ON the print pages, as well. Nancy reviews some new information regarding the capital projects and Town Meeting procedures. Selectmen have recently emphasized that the warrant articles related to the projects are only requesting Design Funds at this point in time. Any actual construction costs would need to be approved at a point when the design portion is complete and total project costs are able to be determined more accurately.


Ann Needle had the chance to speak with Kim Tocci who is the coordinator of the Stow Community Blood Drive. With the Halloween Drive just a few days away, Kim is really hoping to ramp up participation which has dropped off in recent years. See the story on page 1 for details on how to register and participate either as a donor or volunteer or both.


Nancy tells an uplifting story of St. Isidore Parish, still coping with the long illness and recent loss of Father Dave Doucet, but looking with hope to a bright and dynamic future ahead.


Ellen Oliver brings us news from both the Hale Middle School and Nashoba High Girls Cross Country teams who are both sporting undefeated records so far this season.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, please get to Town Meeting and be a part of the decision-making process. It’s your chance to have your say.
Please also carefully consider this Public Service Announcement: When warming baked goods in the oven, follow these steps: 1. Turn on oven 2. Place item in oven 3. Turn on timer. 4. Remove item from oven when timer goes off. Do not skip any steps. If, for example, you skip step 2, you will be severely disappointed when performing step 4.  Some days, there just isn’t enough coffee in the world. And no warm corn bread either.


Cyndy Bremer, managing editor; [email protected]


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