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The Independent Clause

Well, nothing says New England quite like -50o bitter windchill on Monday, 40s on Tuesday. Or at least it felt like that. That wind the last few days was just ridiculous. I had to look down and make sure I really did have pants on when I stepped outside. Thankfully, for the neighbor’s sake, I did.

Not a lot happening this week around town, which is overall a good thing. Some interesting news bits regardless, with UMASS Amherst’s Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning department conducting a study on the Gleasondale area of town which will result in a suggested Master Plan to be presented to the town. Nancy looks at exactly what they will study and what types of recommendations may come out of the process.

In a different type of study, the Nashoba Schools are piloting a program to allow students to bring technological devices, such as e-readers and iPads, to school to better integrate their use into the learning and educational process. Already being piloted in the High School, the program is expanding to the lower grades, as well. One of the goals is to help students see the devices as more than just for recreational use. Ann takes a look at how this may (or may not) be accomplished.

Ellen brings us news of another successful season for Nashoba’s Indoor Track teams, with both boys and girls teams heading to District’s and State’s. As the winter sports season winds down, Ellen will be keeping up with the post-season games and meets. I, on the other hand, will continue to wait for Spring.

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor; [email protected]