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In This Week’s Print Edition… July 31,2013

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Future of Library Building Debated

If Randall Library were to relocate to Pompo School, alongside a Community Center under the same roof, what would happen to the Randall building? That was the topic of conversation last Thursday evening as the Historical Commission, Historical Society, Cultural Council, Ancient Documents Committee and the Randall Library Trustees discussed the fate of the prominent and historic structure…

Expert Bashes Coyote Myths

“When the world ends, there’ll be cockroaches and coyotes,” declared Project Coyote’s John Maguranis during  his presentation at the Randall Library last Thursday evening. And, one of those creatures may be way more helpful to humans and the environment, according to Maguranis, who is also the animal control officer for Belmont…

Give and Get Back: Habitat for Humanity

Interested in getting involved with a great cause, but not sure how to take the first step? Or perhaps you want to learn to build something?  Habitat for Humanity’s North Central Massachusetts affiliate is holding a training course called “How to Build a House” to introduce interested people to local opportunities with Habitat for Humanity…

Past Tense: The Horton Sphere (Gas Ball)

Over at the corner of Gleasondale Avenue and Boon Road, there once stood a large gas storage tank installed by the Hudson & Marlboro Gas Company.  The proper name for this style tank is “Horton Sphere”, which describes its unique ball shape, especially good for storing compressed gas.  It was named after its inventor Horace Ebenezer Horton who built his first sphere in Texas in 1923.   However, old time Stow residents just call it the “Gas Ball”.  It was a familiar sight to those driving from Stow to Gleasondale or Hudson…




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