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The Independent Clause…Jan. 13, 2016

There is another Special Town Meeting being held on Feb. 1 and inside this week’s edition you will find the full Town Warrant booklet and several articles on the pages of the paper related to what will be voted on. Hold on to the Town Warrant to bring to the meeting as it is the only copy you will receive.

Well, it seems winter has found us. I did my best to hide, too. But, really, it isn’t even that bad, at least not yet, and it’s mid-January. Of course, ask me in mid-February and it might be a whole different story.
But the colder temps and little bits of snow have made a lot of people happy, including my son who took up snowboarding last year. And with the skating rink at Stow Community Park is open, there are even more happy people. And then there are those of us just waiting for spring…

Cyndy Bremer, publisher/editor/production
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