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| July 2, 2013

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Date Set for Special Fall Town Meeting

A date was set for a special Town Meeting in the Fall, and an extension of the Fire Chief’s contract approved, when the Board of Selectmen met last Wednesday in a relatively brief, pre-holiday meeting. The Selectmen also voted to fill some key vacancies among town employees…

Chief McLaughlin Lauded; Extends Stay 

A morning of pastry, coffee, and conversation was topped off Friday by words of appreciation from legislators for Stow Fire Chief Mike McLaughlin’s 48 years of overall service to the state. Meanwhile, though McLaughlin’s contract officially ended June 30, McLaughlin will stay on as the search continues for the person who will step into his boots…

Hale 8th Graders Say Goodbye

Hale Middle School’s class of 2013 Recognition Ceremony was held on Tuesday, June 25. Celebrating the achievements of eighth graders as they head for high school, the annual exercise marks the end of Stow students’ years in the town schools…

Stow Man Arrested in Acton

A Stow man was arrested in Acton on June 22  for outstanding warrants from four area district courts…

Past Tense: Lightning Strikes Babricki Barn

It was around 1947, a typical fall day in Stow, slightly overcast, when a thunderstorm slowly rolled in with very dark clouds.  Suddenly, a bright flash of lightning struck nearby, followed almost instantly by a deafening clap of thunder…


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