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| May 22, 2013

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Stow Couple Faces Child Abuse Charges

A Stow couple has been arraigned on child abuse charges related to a child they adopted in 2010. The couple pleaded not guilty on April 18 in Concord District Court…

Needle at Large: Lancaster Golf Center

Despite living in Stow,  I never did get golf. Folks pitch their balls around the green, sipping from flasks and admiring their putters, even in nasty weather. It’s skill (golfing, that is), but I hesitate to call it a sport…

Hale Softball Pitching in to Win

While Hale softball Coach Mike Turpin has been out with an illness, his team has been coached with help from fellow teachers Charlotte Dzerkacz and Chris Whitaker. But Turpin said his team doesn’t need much oversight, thanks to his core of five eighth graders to help the temporary coaches and lead the team. The team is enjoying a winning season, sporting a 5-1-1 record…

No Specific Cause Found for Power Outages

Over the past two weeks, there have been several, sometimes daily, power outages. These have gone as long as several minutes to just a few seconds.  There has been no severe weather, traffic accidents that took out poles and wires, or other more common reasons for such outages. Many residents have been inquiring as to the reasons behind this loss of power. According to Hudson Light & Power, they too have been trying to find the causes.


Past Tense:  Secrets of Minister’s Pond


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