Nashoba’s “Got Talent” for Fundraiser

Eric Dittelman Courtesy

By Ellen Oliver

Eric Dittelman made it to the semi-finalist round of the televisions show “America’s Got Talent” with his impressive mind reading skills that puzzled and entertained the judges and millions of viewers. Thanks to Nashoba Girls Lacrosse, area residents have a chance to witness Dittelman’s unique blend of stand-up comedy and mind reading at their May 4 fundraiser being held at the high school.

Nashoba girls coach, Laura Banas, is friends with Dittelman’s family and has seen Eric’s act many times. “I’ve been called up to draw a picture while he has duct tape over his eyes,” she related. Just like he did on America’s Got Talent, Dittelman then had someone hold the picture over his head and he guessed what was on the drawing.  “I drew a baseball and he got it,” she said. “I’ve never seen him make a mistake.”

When Banas talked to her team about bringing in Eric for a fundraiser, the girls recalled seeing him on the television show. “They said, ‘I remember him. I voted for him,’” related the coach. It was important the team was sold on the idea since they are doing the promotional work and selling tickets themselves.

Dittelman is from Westborough and was attracted to improv comedy at an early age. He developed his comedic skills while in college, and then decided to combine those skills with his passion for mystery performance. Dittelman went to Las Vegas, where he trained with some of the top mind readers in the world, and began performing around the country.

The show includes a combination of Dittelman’s mind-boggling mind reading skills sprinkled with stand-up and improvisational comedy. During the show, Dittelman may play a game of Pictionary with his eyes duct-taped, pluck a personal thought from the mind of an audience member, or engage the audience with a game of imaginary charades.

Dittelman frequently performs at colleges and events and Banas said his shows are family-friendly. “I’d say third grade and above. He is not inappropriate,” she explained. Banas said even after attending three or four shows, she is still amazed at Eric’s performance. “I know him and I don’t know how he does it,” she said. “He’s like a magician. They don’t give away their secrets.”

So, has Dittelman taught Coach Banas how to read the minds of the opposing coaches? “No, I wish,” she laughed. “That would be awesome.”

The event is open to the public and tickets are available at the Nashoba girls Lacrosse home games, including during the lacrosse doubleheader on Friday, April 5. The girls game is at 5:30 and the boys play immediately after at 7:30, both teams taking on North Middlesex.
Tickets are $10 prior to the show, but will be higher at the door on May 4. For information on additional locations where tickets can be purchased, contact