Tucked inside this week’s edition, you’ll find the Town Meeting Warrant, distributed to the entire town through this week’s paper. Town Meeting is this coming Monday, October 28 at 7pm at Hale Middle School.

There are some very interesting articles on the warrant requiring town input to make decisions regarding things like the look, feel and traffic of the Lower Village area, including the traffic patterns, changing Animal Control regulations and the potential to put on hold any decisions regarding the locating of medical marijuana dispensaries in Stow for a period of one year. Nancy reviews these topics in an article beginning on page 1.

One thing to note, when looking through the warrant,  the section regarding the Animal Control regulations is done in such a way that it shows the former wording of specific regulations (noted with strike throughs and parentheses) and the new proposed wording (underlined). At first glance, it may seem that a draft copy was printed, but it is intentional in order to allow people to see the differences between the previous wording  and that which is being proposed.

Nancy focuses on the Lower Village business resurgence, with new stores opening on both sides of Great Road. Best of luck to the new businesses!

Ellen had the chance to speak with Christopher Daley, who will bring some haunted history stories to the Randall Library next week. We were hoping to get a few more stories out of him, but he was careful to save the good stuff for the library audience! In the meantime, Ann gives us the rundown on Thai Time.

After making coffee with no coffee in the machine- just one of several such shining moments over the last few days- I’m hoping the Red Sox (and my son’s football team) turn my week around in tomorrow night’s games!

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