The Independent Clause… May 21, 2014

| May 21, 2014

Photos, lots of photos, this week! And we didn’t even get them all in! Greg Troxel and his camera once again kindly meandered his way through Springfest weekend to take tons of photos of the festivities. You can find some representative shots on page 7, but can find more at Greg’s website: For this week, we have photos of Friday and Saturday highlights. Next week, we will have more on the Sunday activities, including the Run for the Woods.  Thanks to the many volunteers that stepped up, the day was a great success, according to Springfest organizer Karen Kelleher.

The weather also cooperated for the annual Relay for Life held at Nashoba High School. Ann brings highlights of that day and we have photos, too. Again, we can only print so many, but more are available at

And Stow has achieved several important milestones – one, as a “safe harbor” from 40B developments for the next two years. Stow’s growth rate in affordable housing has allowed for this designation. See more details in Nancy’s article.

Stow’s Solar Challenge has ended, having reached Tier 5, with nearly 60 solar installations across the town. More on that in next week’s issue.

All in all, a great week for Stow!

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