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Vacation and Community Photos

Santa made an early visit to Stow last weekend, courtesy of the Stow Fire Department’s Annual Santa Day. Pictured above, Conor & Tyler O’Neill of Lowell Drive, and the Ruggerio and Mischel family of Dunster Drive waiting in line for Santa hugs. Some of Santa’s helpers from the Stow Fire Department are seen at bottom right inset.
Courtesy Erica O’Neill


Bill Gerecke at ISAF HQ during a recent trip overseas


Steven and Tim Saari took advantage of the lack of snow and hiked up to the top of Mt. Monadnock in Jaffrey, NH with the Stow Independent last weekend.


Kathy Myles recently returned from a White Wilderness Expedition in Antarctica. She is shown with her Stow Independent at Port Lockroy, Goudier Island. This is a historic research station and post office, which was restored and now maintained by the British Antarctic Heritage Trust. Although this picture only shows a few penguins, there were several hundred nearby.