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Also In This Week’s Print Edition… January 22, 2014

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Bringing Warmth in Many Ways

“I feel like we just won the Lottery,” exclaimed Al Wheeler, Chairman of the Stow Friends of the Council on Aging, after the entire seventh grade at Hale Middle School gathered in the auditorium last Friday to present Wheeler with a check for $1,032.50 – the total of the donations gathered by the students for the Friends Fuel Assistance Fund.  “They called me up and said they had a check for us. I never had any idea it would be for so much,” he said…

Stow Teen Tackles Project 351

“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve,” said Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As King’s legacy of service is celebrated this week, Stow teen Haley Neff was chosen to be a part of Gov. Deval Patrick’s Project 351 Saturday, a volunteer event held on January 18 to honor King’s declaration…

Hale Hoopsters Lance Burbank

As early as next year, members of the Hale and Burbank girls basketball squads will be teammates at Nashoba High, hardwood allies standing together as one. When the two teams from Stow and Lancaster faced each other last Tuesday, however, there were bodies all over the floor…

Past Tense: They Burned Down The Fire Academy (Part 1)

And they burned down 162 other places as well.  Between 1981 and 1983, a ring of arsonists were burning buildings in Boston and its suburbs (including Stow) down to the ground, one place at a time.  Unsigned typewriter notes were mailed to all the large towns in Massachusetts threatening to burn down each of them if the recently-passed law that limited property tax increases to 2.5% per year was not reversed. Many towns had had to lay off some police and firemen at the time because of the tax increase restrictions, with more expected to be removed in following years…

Beavers, 10 – Highway Department, 0

For nearly ten years, the Stow Highway Department has been continually working to clear a drainage culvert that runs under Rt. 117 at Pompo School. The damming work of a beaver population there have frustrated workers and left their efforts without any long term or lasting results…

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