Independent Clause… June11, 2014

Congratulations to all of the recent graduates! We have many photos, with more Nashoba grad photos available at

Thank you to Susan Shaye and to Jess Thomas for covering the event as our veteran graduation reporter Ann Needle was busy with a graduate of her own this year. Ann’s daughter, Katy, Nashoba Class of 2014 Secretary, who has also been our unofficial graduation photo ID assistant, walked across the stage to the sounds of her mother’s tears. The big question, of course, is whether they were tears of joy at her baby’s accomplishment, or if she was thinking of the upcoming multiple college bills.

We are chock full of graduation news and events, although we do have other news to satisfy those of you that are not interested in all things graduation.

On a sad note, for those of you who may remember some random stories I’ve told about the antics of my dog, he passed away this weekend. It was not unexpected, but it was sW Pikkutill very difficult. The night before he passed, a 2-foot snapping turtle walked right by him. He just sat and looked at it. At least he didn’t bark and lose his nose.  We miss our sweet “guard dog.”
Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;