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Along with the articles featured on our website, you will find the following in this week’s print edition:

Legal Uses of Collings Foundation Property Questioned

Tuesday night, the Selectmen accepted the recommendation of the Fire Station/Community Center Building committee for a project architect and also discussed how to deal with potential legal issues concerning the Collings Foundation and its current and future operations in Stow…

A Walk Through Gleasondale

For those who wonder why the same family names—Randall, Whitney, Gleason—keep coming up around town long after the clans’ descendents have moved on, part of the answer lies in Stow’s Gleasondale Village…

PAST TENSE: Sauta Field

When traveling from the Lake Boon area of Stow on State Road towards Hudson, there is a sign that says “Sauta Field.”  The question was raised as to whether Sauta Field had any connection with the Sauta family that is familiar to many of us here in Stow.  Turns out that there is a very close connection.  In 1932, Vincent and Mary Sauta established a 70-acre farm along with their young sons Jim and John on East Main Street at Brook Street, calling it “Sauta Farm.”  That farm remained active for 74 years…

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