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The Independent Clause… April 22, 2015

Welcome to the Special Annual Town Warrant Distribution and Contractor’s Guide edition! The paper is being distributed to all Stow residents and PO Boxes so you will NOT find a label on your paper this week.

The enclosed Town Warrant is quite lengthy, but the information contained is important. All of the warrant articles that require Town Meeting votes are contained in the document, along with other town government information. Nancy takes out some of the “legalese” in her review of some of the warrant articles, starting on page 1.

In the center pages of this week’s paper, you’ll find a Contractor’s Directory and Home Improvement Guide. We’ve published this separately in prior years and decided this year to place it as a pull-out section in the paper. You can take out the section, with a variety of reference information and local contractor ads and keep it for future reference. The Guide will also be available for free in local stores. Please support our advertisers and let them know you saw their ad on our pages!

This has been one crazy busy week for me. I’m looking forward to finishing the Bolton paper on Wednesday night and maybe doing NOTHING on Thursday morning! I hope you find this week’s paper informative and if you haven’t yet, please subscribe!

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;  [email protected]
978-897-7869; 978-793-2295