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Two Resign from School Committee*… June 17 2015

*Updated for online edition

By Ann Needle
The Nashoba School Committee is weathering the sudden resignation of two of its members last Friday, with towns making plans to bring in their replacements within a month.
Nancy Federspeil of Bolton, along with Julie Fay of Lancaster, separately resigned from the SC on Friday, June 12. Each emailed a resignation note to fellow SC members, Nashoba Superintendent Michael Wood, and their respective town administrators.

In her letter of resignation, Federspeil remarked, “I have great respect for the educators at Nashoba and feel that my children and all the children in our three communities receive a solid education that prepares them well for college and life.” In a separate statement, Federspeil said, “I can not, in good conscience, be a part of an organization that is so diametrically opposed to my ideals and beliefs. The new modus operandi of the School Committee is one of distrust instead of collaboration.”

While Fay stressed in her letter of resignation “the increasing time commitment SC involves” as a main reason for stepping down, she also stated, “I do hope the committee continues to reexamine its purpose and does so in a positive light. The negativity and lack of trust has been very uncomfortable in the past year. We have a very good school system with dedicated hardworking teachers, staff, and administrators.”

Federspeil has served on the committee for the past 6 years, for the past four years as its chair. She successfully won re-election in May for another 3-year term against opponent Neal Darcy. At that point, she stepped down as chair, with Bolton Rep. Lorraine Romasco unanimously elected by the SC to take become chairperson.

Julie Fay was first elected 4 years ago, resigning with 2 more years on her term.

The Search Is On
According to Bolton Town Administrator Don Lowe, School Committee bylaws call for the replacement of any resigning member within 30 days of town administration having received a written resignation. Other SC members and selectmen in the resigning member’s town must then consult with each other in selecting a replacement, he explained.

Lowe reported that the selectmen and Lorraine Romasco, who holds the only other Bolton school committee rep seat, plan to meet June 23 to discuss the process of advertising and collecting letters of intent for the now-open position. After that, the selectmen and Romasco will make a decision July 9, he added.

Lowe said that, after consulting with town counsel and state laws, it was decided that the new SC member will stay on board until the term ends in 2018,  rather than submitting for re-election at the fall special election or in May 2016.

*After conferring with counsel, Michael Wood noted that the quorum now becomes 4 out of 6 and a majority vote is 4 out of 6 until both seats are filled.  A 2/3 majority is also now 4 out of 6.