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The Independent Clause…August 31, 2016

You may have heard about a young man from Lunenburg, my hometown, that was killed in a car accident in which his close friend of many years was driving. I don’t know them personally, but my son does, and there are many connections through mutual friends and, sadly, the accident happened directly across the road from my daughter and son-in-law’s driveway.

There was a vigil Sunday night at the football field, organized by AJ’s friends and former teammates. At one point, the father of the driver of the car spoke and simply said he was sorry – so sorry that we all had to be there, so sorry for everything.  He turned to AJ’s family and broke down, still apologizing, hugging them all and being hugged back. These were close friends. These were good kids. And in an instant, one is gone and the other’s life has changed forever. Two families devastated.

Please tell your teens about AJ and Joey. Tell them you can be smart, you can be popular, you can be talented, you can be a great kid, loved and respected by many – they both were – and one careless decision can take it all away in a heartbeat.  You may be all those things, but you are not immortal.

Cyndy Bremer, owner/editor
[email protected]; 978-897-7869