In This Week’s Issue- January 16, 2013

| January 16, 2013

Lower Village Water Could be in Sight
By Nancy Arsenault
Water could be flowing to Lower Village businesses from a shared water supply, drawn by a private well, in less than a year if all approvals go as smoothly as last night’s Conservation Commission vote of support. The Board unanimously voted to allow testing on conservation land off Heritage Lane to determine if that site could ultimately host such a well.

Power Lines Causing Tension
By Nancy Arsenault
E.T.&L. Corp. owners Jennie Lee Colossi and Gary Balboni of Stow have been battling Hudson Light & Power’s plan to place high tension lines across the front of their property on Great Road. Their concerns were heard at the second night of a public hearing before the Board of Selectmen last week, where the Board was asked to approve a utility pole placement plan submitted by Hudson Light & Power.

Who is Responsible for Pompo? 

By Ann Needle
The former Pompositticut School stands empty right now, leaving some to wonder just who “owns” the building — and the bills. The town has always owned the building, leasing it to the Nashoba Regional School District for use as a school. But even though Pompo is no longer being used as a school, there are still some issues that need to be addressed by the District, as the “tenant,” in order to fulfill the terms of the lease.

Past Tense: Town Building’s Ice Skating Rink

By Lew Halprin
Most of you know of the brand new ice skating rink in the Stow Community Park, but did you know that we once had a very active ice skating rink right here in the middle of Stow?  The evidence of it can still be seen whenever you come over to the Town Building.  Look past Lawrence Land (the big field south of the Town Building) and just beyond the trees you will see a small pond, pictured above, which was, for at least a short time, a formal ice skating rink complete with lighting.

Stow Community Park’s Ice Skating Rink Schedule


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