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| September 9, 2015

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Selectmen Tackle Noise and Dirt

Selectmen on Tuesday night tackled noise and earth removal issues, heard an update about the Randall Library, and unanimously approved the promotion of Detective Mike Sallese to the rank of Detective Sergeant…

Stow Schools Ready for the New Year

Many parents know that the “real year” in their households begins on the first day of school in late summer, not on some dark day in winter. Stow schools are preparing a warm welcome on Sept. 2 for students with changes of their own…

Minding Stow’s Business

Stow is in the enviable position of having a commercial center with a variety of tenants serving most of the daily needs of the town’s population and surrounding towns, as well.  How long can Stow continue to attract new businesses and continue to claim the neighboring towns’ customer base?

Minuteman High School On Verge Of “Most Important Year In Its History”

The upcoming year may be “the most important in Minuteman High School’s history,” said Principal Jack Dillon.  A pending initiative that will significantly affect the Lexington-based school for decades to come is likely to make substantial progress toward being resolved in the next 12 months…

New Principal Takes Center Stage

Meeting 600 children and their families sounds daunting, but Ross Mulkerin made it appear effortless. As the new Center School principal greeted each parent and child at an informal meet-and-greet last Wednesday evening, he seemed intent on memorizing each child’s grade and teacher, and even their parents’ home towns and colleges…


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