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| September 4, 2013

September 4, 2013


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Development Committee Seeks Members

Do you have ideas about what types of businesses could best serve the needs of Stow residents? Maybe you have a vision for utilizing the Gleasondale Mill in a way that benefits the community. Town planners are hoping folks with professional experience, business acumen and a desire to make Stow a town that attracts new business, will come out for a newly forming Economic Development Committee…

That Entrepreneurial Spirit is Alive
New hobby store to open in Stow

A new Stow business is about to take off – a business with highly unusual roots.  It’s CEO, Board of Directors and partners are all residents at Meeting House of Stow, the senior community located in Lower Village…

Home Swap Brings a Summer Adventure

Ask one Stow family what it did this summer, and you may be envious. The two adults and three children of the Recko family spent five weeks traveling between Belgium, Paris, and the Netherlands — enjoying (almost) free plane tickets, free houses, and even no-cost cars. Thanks to a house exchange program, the Reckos traveled in comfort, saving thousands of dollars in the process…

Scout’s Gift is a Gardener’s Picnic

The days are getting shorter, making the often perfect, warm weather of late summer all the sweeter. Enjoying this time of year with a lunchtime or weekend picnic close by just got easier, thanks to a recent donation to the Stow Community Garden…

Past Tense: Gleasondale Park and Playground

In 1850, according to a 1963 edition of the Enterprise Newspaper, the Town of Stow built a large, two-story school to be used for teaching the town’s 1st through 6th graders…  By 1963, the Gleasondale School was no longer needed and was torn down to construct a playground on the site, something the people of Gleasondale badly wanted…

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