Happy 6th Anniversary to the Stow Independent! Our first issue was 4/4/07!
In last week’s front page photo caption, Nancy mistakenly said that the little black lamb’s “fur” would turn cream color. Skip Warren, of Pilot Grove Farm where the photo was taken, wrote to correct us– sheep have wool, not fur. We knew that. Except at midnight on Tuesday, when we didn’t know that. Our apologies to sheep everywhere.

There are several events of note this coming weekend– The SPTO Auction is Friday night. Money raised provides programs and materials for Stow school students. And the Annual Townwide Clean Up will occur on Saturday. Garbage bags and gloves are provided. See page 4 for more details on these events and more.

In the last few years there has been a lot of media exposure on the issue of hoarding, with several shows appearing on television documenting cases and their outcomes. Is there anyone who doesn’t watch those shows and get up and start cleaning afterwards? Ann brings the story of Barbara Allen who grew up in a home with a hoarder. Barbara spoke at the Randall Library on Saturday.

Next week, our 2013 Spring Contractor Directory and Home Improvement Guide will be arriving in a special townwide distribution of the paper. Start making a special spot for it in the reading room.  It’s a legitimate keeper.

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor; editor@stowindependent.com