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| May 29, 2013

Former Stow Postmaster and longtime Stow resident Frank Jenkins gave us a call this week to let us know he had been hospitalized due to the effects of Lyme Disease. Frank wanted to let everyone know that the ticks are already out and that getting a proper and quick diagnosis and treatment of the disease is vital to a full recovery.  We are planning an article on Frank’s story, but Frank was not feeling well enough this week. We wish him a quick return to good health.

We want to take this opportunity to say a fond farewell to contributor Ralph Fuller. Ralph is the author of the excellent series “Stow Things” that ran several years ago and several other articles for the paper. He and his wife, Michelle,  are moving to Texas. We will miss Ralph’s contributions to the paper and I’m sure many in town will miss him as well. Best of luck and many thanks to Ralph and Michelle.

We have more golf this week, with a look at how several Stow courses are faring and their plans for the future and a story of a Harvard golf course that was saved from development by a new owner and a new look. The three golf contests are still in play. Visit and look for the FREE GOLF link. Readers can enter daily from now through June 7.

Memorial Day was certainly the pick of the weekend weather-wise and the Veterans Graves Committee once again organized a great program for honoring those who gave their lives in service to our country. We have many photos of the events of the day, thanks to Jonathan Daisy, that can be found on page 7.

And I know firsthand that Memorial Day was the weather pick of the weekend because we were supposed to go camping this weekend. When I saw snow in the Saturday forecast for Western MA, where Tim and I were headed, that pretty much did it for Saturday.  But on Sunday, assuming we didn’t need the snow shovel, we headed off. The Berkshires were beautiful and the campground was nice. It was situated on the Cold River. We should have taken the hint. We were nice and warm, despite the dropping temps, by the campfire. But you can’t have a campfire in a tent and we eventually had to sleep. Well, we tried to sleep. I had two layers of everything and a third of some things and eventually my winter jacket on under the triple layer of covers. The temps got down near freezing. Cold River indeed. And of course on Monday, when we left, it was sunny and warm. But despite all that, we had a good time, and we’ll go back….in the summer.

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor

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