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| August 7, 2013

This week, we’re spotlighting housing in Stow. Nancy has the latest statistics on the current real estate trends in town and the news there is good. Sales and prices are up with many homes selling quickly. See more starting on page 1 and a Featured Home currently for sale in Stow on page 9.

But the news for homeowners isn’t all good for all homes. New floodplain maps issued by the government show a number of Stow properties are now newly included in designated floodplain areas. For those homeowners, it could mean being required by their lender to carry flood insurance.  On the upside, some homes that were in designated floodplains have been taken out. More information is included in Ellen Oliver’s page 1 article, including an updated  map on page 15, and can also be found on the Planning Board’s web pages via the town’s website.

As promised last week, there is additional information on the new housing units going up on Pilot Grove Hill including renderings of the project’s design.

On a different note, there will be a free concert Thursday night at Stow Community Park sponsored by the Recreation Dept. Hopefully the scattered thunderstorms currently predicted will not pop up between 6 and 8:30pm!

Was Monday not the most perfect day? And Tuesday wasn’t so bad either! Love this weather. Great to be outside and great sleeping, too. While I wish I could have gotten out to enjoy more of it, I’m hoping the beautiful breeze and crisp air stick around for a few more days. There are weeds with my name on them out there…

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor,

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