350 cups of coffee later, we bring you our Back-to-School Townwide Edition! I’m so excited! Or maybe I’m just really, really caffeinated!

The Nashoba Schools will start classes next Wednesday, August 28, so we have put together information that we hope you’ll find helpful in gearing up for next week. We’ve got school changes, school lunches and school buses. But wait, that’s not all! We even have stuff to help you fill your time once the kids are gone! And plenty of town news and information, too, if you don’t have any school children in your immediate care. There is a lot to read in this week’s edition.

On the Subscription front, we are getting down to the last few weeks when most subcriptions will expire. Many of you have already renewed and we thank you!

For those who haven’t renewed, or for those who haven’t yet subscribed, today’s as good a day as any!

Included in this week’s issue is the Recreation Department’s Fall Program schedule. Laura Greenough reports there are new programs being offered this fall, and there are more programs for adults, as well. It’s not just for kids! Please note that the Free Concert at Stow Community Park, which was postponed from August 8, will be held on August 29. In the meantime, there is another concert tomorrownight, Thursday, August 22. Check the Rec Department’s web page for updates.

Hope all the kids out there enjoy their last week of “freedom”!

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor, editor@stowindependent.com