I really splurged this week, I feel so guilty. I went and bought…a set of 16 matching real glass drinking glasses- 8 tall, 8 short. I know, I know, I just went crazy. After years and years of kids, I was down to one real-glass glass. Everything else was plastic or a coffee mug. I had given up on glass after watching them get broken, one after another, time after time. Even my hardcore jelly-jar-glasses finally cracked under the pressure. But my youngest child is now 12 and I still have the plastic for my grandsons, so I just might be safe. I feel so grown up. What’s next?  New matching dishes? Dare I dream?

Well, we made it through our biggest subscription changeover period. Since we started subscriptions a year ago, the bulk of them expired last week. Many people had renewed early, but we still had a big push at the end with lots of renewals coming through. There were a few glitches, including our website deciding on its own that “members” should activate their non-existent membership, causing a great deal of confusion for those who had already renewed their print subscription. That was fun. And now there is one more week of our susbscription contest to win a $50 Gift Card to Shaw’s. Look right for the details. Many thanks to all for renewing!

Along with some great stories, we have a warning from the Police about a man driving a large, dark car and using a flashing blue light to pull a woman over on Rt. 117 in Stow. He was NOT a police officer. Read more about it on page 1 and be sure YOU know what to do in a similar situation. Be careful out there!

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor, editor@stowindependent.com