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Needle at Large: Mr. Nashoba

By Ann Needle

Unless you live in reality TV, the world isn’t much for beauty pageants anymore. But don’t tell that to the young men of Nashoba Regional High School. As Friday night’s annual Mr. Nashoba Pageant proved, shirtless sells.

Sponsored by the NRHS Student Council, the pageant was launched a few years back to raise money for the SC’s activities. This year, it was also announced by pageant emcee, Psychology Teacher Bob Griffith, that half the cash earned would be split between the two scholarship funds founded in memory of former Nashoba students Will Hurley of Stow, and Lancaster’s Alison Murphy.

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Putting the Money Where the Need Lies

By Nancy Arsenault

The cost of the Marathon bombings is tremendous. Some of that will be borne by the city, the state and the Federal government. But a lot of the cost will be the personal burden of the hundreds of victims and their families.

A week after the explosions, Stow resident and Boston radio personality Greg Hill had raised $226,601 for those families, with over $93,000 already directly dispersed to the people most in need. Thanks to his Greg Hill Foundation and the tremendous generosity of area residents and businesses, the fundraising efforts are Boston Strong.

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Stow Energy Group Hosts Solar Foru

By Ellen Oliver On a rainy April 10th evening, the Stow Energy Working Group hosted a forum for residents to discuss considerations when installing solar energy in their home or business. About 40 people attended the meeting at the Town Hall to hear representatives from Hudson Light & Power, a local solar installer, Massachusetts Department…

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Understanding Climate Change

By Nancy Arsenault

Whether or not you believe that Global Warming is real, evidence suggests that climate change is in the works, with extreme weather and storm situations becoming more common than in recent history.

On April 18, Bolton Local, a grassroots resident group committed to supporting a self-reliant sustainable community will present “Sandy’s Sister is Coming to Town.” The program is designed to help people develop ways to remain resilient in the face of rising weather-related risks affecting family, home, business and the environment.

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Nashoba’s “Got Talent” for Fundraiser

By Ellen Oliver

Eric Dittelman made it to the semi-finalist round of the televisions show “America’s Got Talent” with his impressive mind reading skills that puzzled and entertained the judges and millions of viewers. Thanks to Nashoba Girls Lacrosse, area residents have a chance to witness Dittelman’s unique blend of stand-up comedy and mind reading at their May 4 fundraiser being held at the high school.

Nashoba girls coach, Laura Banas, is friends with Dittelman’s family and has seen Eric’s act many times. “I’ve been called up to draw a picture while he has duct tape over his eyes,” she related. Just like he did on America’s Got Talent, Dittelman then had someone hold the picture over his head and he guessed what was on the drawing. “I drew a baseball and he got it,” she said. “I’ve never seen him make a mistake.”

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